May the Future Be a Friendly Place

Lise Wulff

Historisk plats: Medelhavet/ Mediterranean

Organically shaped objects are placed on a tiny island in the lake nearby Nääs Castle. The objects are covered with paper, and some of them with maps – or rather pieces of maps – where roads, cities, lakes and mountains appear and disappear.

The humanlike shapes give associations to people on the move. Today’s refugee situation comes easily to the mind. It seems like the figures have reached land. An additional figure is on the other side of the water, watching the ones on the island. The water of the lake formes a seemingly unpassable obstacle. 

The installation is part of a larger series of sculptures treating the theme of migration in an historical context.The human species have always been on the move. Driven by what? Necessity? Curiosity? Fear? Hope for a better future?

Tillbaka till A CLEAR DAY