North East South West

Kaisu Koivisto

Historisk plats: Nordafrika/North Africa

While making plans for my work I read about the history of Nääs slöjdseminarium, thinking about how handicraft methods and ornamental patterns have traveled with people into new places and contexts. Therefore I wanted to choose a craft method, macrame, as an integral part of my work.

Macrame has its roots way back in history. Macrame-style knots can be seen in the stone sculpture of the ancient Babylonians and Assyrians. The word macrame comes from a 13th century arabic word migramah, which means ornamental fringe, Macrame traveled from North Africa to Spain with the Moors. From Spain Macrame spread via France throughout Europe.

North East South West depicts the movement and migration of people, beliefs, objects, mechandise – and natural phenomena, too.

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